Opdrachtgevers karakteriseren mij als een stevige maar warme persoonlijkheid, visionair, gericht op samenwerking, inspirerend, loyaal, innovatief en resultaatgericht zonder de menselijke maat uit het oog te verliezen.

“I had the pleasure of working with Inge as part of the Marketing Excellence team. From the moment I met her she was full of energy, positivity and an eagerness to help others. Her passion for learning is contiguous as she wants to help ensure people have the tools needed to be their best self. She is great at looking at different perspectives and think long-term and strategic about the best approach.

I love that she is a great team player and respectfully challenges others. She is not only supportive and a great asset to any team, she also wants to continue to develop herself and teach and learn with others. She would make a great addition to any team.”

Crystal Wiseman
Senior manager/Marketing Excellence coach at Royal Philips

“I have worked with Inge in the supervisory board of a start up in care. She is professional, being able to challenge individuals and develop an organization in a pleasant and intelligent way, well structured and with eye for strategic interests. Good listener, strong personality with humor. Positive and energetic, bringing any organization to a higher level.”

Arnold Broenink
Controller/lid MT Urenco Nederland, en lid Raad van Toezicht Thuisbasis Brabant

“I had the pleasure of working with Inge for over two years as part of the Marketing Excellence Academy team. She is a very experienced learning specialist, who brings with her the wisdom from having seen many different organizations. She has a keen eye for what is working and what not, and is open to make clear what can be improved.
Inge is always ready to help, jump into a project to get it done, with a hands-on mentality. She is also a great coach to her colleagues, helping them with her experience to achieve their objectives and overcome hurdles.
It’s been great working with her and can recommend her as a senior specialist in learning and development.”

Rein Hintzen
Manager Marketing Excellence Team and Dean Philips University

“Inge is a professional, dedicated, hardworking and fun colleague to work with. Her passion for learning is very inspiring and she always looks for improvements and doing the right thing both on content and process as on the people.”

Saskia Nijs
Expert of 21st century organizations and member of the Marketing Excellence Team

“I’ve worked with Inge in the design phase of an incompany leadership program with Darling Ingredients International. I’ve experienced Inge as a business professional as it comes to the content and logistic organization of the incompany program.”

Eric van Dijk
Consultant Learning & Development at TIAS School for Business and Society